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Staniel cay also referred to as Staniard Cay, Is centrally located in the beautiful Exuma Island chain in the Bahamas. About 250 sm South East of Miami Florida, the fastest way to get there is by aircraft, Makers Air (has regular flights to Staniel Cay in their modern 9 passenger single engine turbo prop Cessna 208 Caravans. Accommodations are very limited and includes the Staniel Cay Yacht club (                    (sometimes booked for more than a year in advance), The view from the Staniel Cay Chamberlain's Cottage Rentals units ( specially at sunset time is breathtaking. For flights within the Bahamas the Chamberlain's have reliable Cabin Class Turbocharged Twin Engine Aircraft with pilot available, perfect for "Island Hopping". They also do rent motor boats to their clients large enough to go all the way to the Exuma National Land & Sea Park (,

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