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Our Aircraft


Let us take you there!


We have three aircraft available for charter. Two spacious twin engine Cessna 402s and a smaller budget-friendly twin engine Piper Twin Comanche.  The Cessna 402 features a spacious cabin, with a seating capacity of 8-10 and turbocharged engines. The Piper Twin Comanche has a seating capacity of 5 and features a leather interior.


Type:                                Cessna 402A

Seating capacity:          7-9 passengers

Payload:                          1490 pounds

Endurance:                      3.5 hours ~ 700 miles                               


Type:                                Cessna 402

Seating capacity:          7-9 passengers

Payload:                           1650 pounds

Endurance:                      3.5 hours ~ 700 miles


Type:                                Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche

Seating capacity:          3 passengers

Payload:                          650 pounds with full fuel

Range:                              4.3 hours ~ 700 miles

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